Merryman Center Graphic Renovations

Football HallwayOlympic Hallway

The plan is for Tech’s football building to get an enhanced graphics look inside. “Take it from 1998 to 2015,”Tom Gabbard, Senior Associate Athletics Director, Facilities and Operations said. “Not a lot of construction, but a lot of glitz.” This includes some cosmetic enhancements to the dated hallways in the adjoining Cassell Coliseum.

The Merryman Center upgrades consist of renovating four main areas throughout the facility: the Merryman Center main entrance and memorabilia room, the football position meeting rooms and team meeting room, the Olympic sport first floor hallway spanning from the front of the facility to the football locker room, and the second floor hallway spanning from the entrance to the football players’ lounge.

These upgrades will allow our current players, coaches and staff to have a more visually appealing atmosphere throughout the work facility.  But more importantly, it will help tremendously in recruiting.  In today’s world, it’s an arms race to see who can come up with the next best thing.  At Virginia Tech, first and foremost, we’ve got great academic facilities, and we are consistently ranked number one in the country in terms of on-campus dining.  Now we’ve got the best indoor practice facility in the country.  With the addition of the Merryman Center upgrades, Virginia Tech will be at the forefront of the industry in terms of facilities.

Rector Field House Expansion


Rector Fieldhouse will undergo renovations, beginning this fall, to greatly improve the training efforts of several Virginia Tech athletic teams. The track programs will benefit from a new throws area while the entrance to the facility will be overhauled to include a new ticketing area, expanded permanent restroom facilities, and new concession area that will be able to serve both softball and track events.

Softball will receive a new hitting facility that will include an indoor infield, batting cages, and pitching cages. A coach’s area and space for team meetings will also be included in the new hitting facility. This will allow for a better year round training space for the softball team.

The soccer and lacrosse programs will gain locker rooms with the Rector Fieldhouse north side expansion to use during the half-time periods of their games. This addition will include a training room, two official’s locker rooms, a large track equipment storage area and will also be used for ACC conference track championships.

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