The BEST WAY to stay involved with Virginia Tech Athletics is through the Hokie Club Recent Graduate Program!

As a recent graduate of Virginia Tech, your continued involvement and engagement with our athletic programs are vital to the continued momentum of Virginia Tech Athletics. The Hokie Club Recent Graduate Program as an opportunity to stay involved with Virginia Tech Athletics while receiving Hokie Club benefits and building Hokie Club Priority Points for future years. Hokie Club benefits include the opportunity to purchase priority seating for football and basketball season tickets, and the chance to purchase neutral site/postseason tickets (based on availability).

The Hokie Club Recent Graduate Program: For Those who Never Stop Jumping!

All Recent Graduates will be invited to exclusive Virginia Tech Athletics events in your area. Don’t wait to begin your legacy, get involved today!

The Hokie Club Recent Graduate Program provides flexible scheduled giving options designed to coincide with your transition into your new career post-graduation. For more information, please call 540-231-9724 to learn how to get involved.

How to Get Started Online:

  1. Create your VicTory Account!
  2. Commit to Virginia Tech Athletics and make your gift to the Hokie Scholarship Fund! For step-by-step instructions on making your gift, please click here.
  3. When making your gift, make sure you write “Recent Graduate Program” in the Comment section provided.
  4. Allow for 2-3 days for your gift credit to show on your VicTory Account.
  5. Enjoy the pride of supporting Hokie student-athletes while utilizing the benefits that come with being a Hokie Club member!

For more information regarding the Recent Graduate Program, please contact Hannah Campbell | | (540) 231-9724