Contributions made to the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund provide the athletic department with the opportunity to meet the needs of Virginia Tech Athletics such as student-athlete scholarships, travel, equipment, cost of attendance, and other team related costs for all 22 varsity sports. Donations provide a valuable foundation of support that help make Virginia Tech Athletics compete at the highest level of competition. To find out more about the variety of ways to make a gift, click here. To make a gift now online, click give now.

Donations to the Hokie Club are primarily used to provide scholarship aid (including Cost of Attendance) to our 22 varsity sport programs. Funds are also used to support facility improvements and programmatic needs of the Virginia Tech Athletic Department.

The Virginia Tech Foundation, which acts as the depository for the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  For gifts designated to the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund, we are currently reviewing recent tax law changes and expect to provide additional information regarding the implications for such gifts at a later day.  We recommend you consult your tax advisor to determine how the new tax law may affect you.  A portion of your gift will be used to defray the cost of development operations.  Any donation made to the Virginia Tech Athletic Department makes the donor a representative of the university’s athletic interest per NCAA regulations.

All benefits related to donations and tickets (including priority points) can only be transferred to a living spouse. Similar to previous years, no other entities will qualify for a transfer of donor or ticket benefits.

The Hokie Club uses a standard formula called the Priority Point System to assign a rank to each member of the Hokie Club. The Priority Point System takes into account one’s cumulative giving to Virginia Tech Athletics, consecutive years of giving to the Hokie Scholarship Fund, consecutive years of purchasing season tickets, ticket quantities purchased, neutral site/postseason event purchases, and years as a Student Hokie Club member or as a Virginia Tech letterwinner.

The deadline to give to the Hokie Scholarship Fund for benefits, such as seating and parking, is March 31, 2018. Each donor’s rank as of March 31, 2018 will determine the order for seat selection and parking for the 2018 football season.

*Please note that, in order to receive benefits and choose tickets and parking in priority, gift(s) must be made to the Hokie Scholarship Fund. Gifts to sport-specific funds, endowments, and capital projects are greatly appreciated and will be reflected in your cumulative giving to Virginia Tech Athletics.*